VERTOEF/LINGER – Andries Gouws On until 29 April 2018| Preiss Hall


| On until April 2018| Preiss Hall

Andries Gows, Loundry
Gouws, Laundry, Cites des Arts, Paris, Oil on board, 320 x 420 mm

Vertoef/Linger, Andries Gouws’s new exhibition of paintings at the Pretoria Art Museum, will be opened on Tuesday 11 April at … by philosopher Johan Snyman. The exhibition, which shows selected paintings made between 2012 and 2018, will run till 29 April 2018.

Andries Gouws describes himself as an exponent of slow painting – when he paints he lingers over what he is painting as well as over the painting process and hopes to coax the viewer’s eye to linger on things, and the paintings, as well.

In painting, he strives to capture a sense of the here and now, especially by attending to the play of light on ordinary objects and spaces, and avoids painting anything that suggests a clear meaning or message.

Traces of artists like Vermeer, Piero della Francesca and Morani could be recognised in Andries’s work.The artist states: “I am cleansed and healed by love, friendship, private spaces into which I can retreat, water and art. To my mind, my paintings reflect the cleansing and healing as well as the little daily injuries and disappointments that make cleaning and healing necessary.”

Andries Gouws studied art in Cape Town (UCT’s Michaelis School of Art), Italy, Düsseldorf and Amsterdam, and philosophy in Utrecht, finally spending 17 years in Holland. He is married to the novelist and artist Ingrid Winterbach; they have two daughters and one grandson.After Pretoria the exhibition will also travel to Durban (KwaZulu-Natal, 22 May to 21 June) and Cape Town (Irma Stern Museum, 3 to 24 August).



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