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9 to 14 November 2010


The body of work comprising the Cross-pollination exhibition is the result of 15 weeks of practical art-making workshops in which the Education Assistants of the Pretoria Art Museum and adults from Lethabo le Khutso participated.

Lethabo le Khutso is a non-profit organisation committed to providing in the unique needs of adults with autism spectrum disorder, such as accommodation and skills training.

The aim with the workshops was to produce a varied collection of artworks. So the art-making techniques practised at the workshops ranged from drawing to weaving and printmaking, all of which were part of a programme that was conceptualised by the Education Assistants under the auspices of the Creative Industries Consortium. The Lethabo le Khutso artists exceeded expectations with their impressive creativity.

The Pretoria Art Museum provides educational programmes that introduce Tshwane communities to fine art through guided tours of its collections and practical art-making workshops. In this the Education Assistants play a vital role. Some participate in the workshops and others curate the resultant exhibitions.

The Cross-pollination exhibition opens on 9 November at 12:00 and runs until 26 November.


Pierre Crocquet de Rosemond was born in Cape Town in 1971 and grew up in Klerksdorp, a conservative farming and mining town. After school he completed a financial course at the University of Cape Town and then left to live in London. During the five years he spent abroad, he studied photography at the London College of Printing, after which he returned to South Africa.

Pierre Crocquet became known for his photographs. Their unvarnished sense of reality demanded of the viewer to stay in the space where his pictures hang as long as possible, looking at the faces and their surroundings and becoming aware of what made them attractive in the first place.

In Enter Exit Pierre Crocquet has captured the existential realities of a small community on the periphery of sociopolitical developments in South Africa, whose daily lives have not escaped the effects of these developments. South African society has seen dramatic changes, but post-apartheid society is still divided, only primarily along economic lines. Social isolation through poverty has become commonplace. Crocquet forces viewers to hold up a mirror to his photographs and to transport the resultant images to any other postmodern society.

With his camera, Pierre Crocquet observes the sadness and the human beauty of young and old, and creates portraits that capture personality in a convincing way. He empathises with the people he photographs, observes their shortcomings, their hard lives, and their strengths. Never does he compromise their existence. The photos become a tale about life, naturally sharp down to the fold, from which one cannot easily pull away.

There will be two walkabouts with the artist, one on 12 March and another one on 9 April at 10:00. The artist will discuss his portraits in this exhibition, the complexities and his personal journey of photographing in a small community, as well as photography in general. Anyone interested can book with Mmutle Kgokong at the Pretoria Art Museum @ 012 344 1807/8 or mmutlekg@tshwane.gov.za. A catalogue of his work, published by HatjeCantz Verlag, will also be available at the museum.

Enter Exit is a collaborative effort of the Seippel Gallery and the Pretoria Art Museum.